Nakai is been counting down to the date of her album release which is the 26th of June, 2019 with the title, Nadia Naked.


However, while we are yet to get a full grab of what would be on the album, she’s hinted that she will be embracing her African roots; which is her Zimbabwean heritage.


“I think that my sound has matured in the sense that I am embracing my African roots. This album will touch on my Zimbabwean heritage. Although I don’t speak Shona very well, I sing in Shona on one of the choruses. I want to show that side of me, but I also know that people may think they are experts and say things about it.”


“I just want to be as authentic as possible and show people exactly who I am. I have become more confident in what I like, and not what people think will work for the market. I feel like I have grown with my fans and what I enjoy, they will enjoy.”


Despite all other busy schedule, Nadia said the album is all she’s got on her mind.


“NADIA NAKED on my mind! 28.06.19,” the rapper shared.

  1. Nadia Nakai on new album – “I am embracing my African roots”



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