Londie London arrested and bailed for alleged gross assault

Rapper Londie London was arrested after a charge for alleged assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm has been brought against her.


This was said to have occurred on Friday and it was reported by Sunday Sun that the rapper allegedly grabbed a man’s glasses from his face and threw a wine glass at himAccording to the publication’s source, the man couldn’t see properly without his glasses and had to ask for them back. The man was identified as Tebello Gcaba.


A source that spoke to the publication said the following:


“While they were moving inside the house from the veranda, a certain lady took away his glasses from his face. He could not see properly but managed to grab her hand telling her to give back his glasses.”


The article also indicated that Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela has confirmed to publication that indeed, Londie was arrested and bailed out on R1,000. .

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