Lady Zamar – “People see me and think I’m arrogant…”


Lady Zamar believes people have a misconception of her personality after slamming claims that she’s arrogant.


During an interview with TshishaLIVE, the singer said she keeps to herself but she’s going to open up more to her fans hence.


“People see me and think I’m arrogant and just aloof but I am really the opposite. I’m just shy and sometimes get really awkward in other spaces. Like sometimes I’ll forget myself and realise later that my facial expression may be saying something different. It’s not intentional and once you interact with me, you’ll immediately see that I am not aloof at all.”


Zamar further said that her fans will get to know about her via the new album, Monarch.


“I’ve always been the kind of person that keeps to myself, even in social places. It took me a while to realise how it made me look from far. After being told many times that my fans thought twice before approaching me because I looked like I’m arrogant… I realised that it was because they didn’t know who I was. That’s not on them though because I have always been kind of a closed book. That’s why this album is different, I want people to get to know me, the real me.”


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